Spartan Death Race 2012 – Part 1: Recipe for Betrayal

Servings: 51 approx.

1 5-gallon bucket
1 axe
1 pink swim cap
1 life jacket
1 bag of human hair
needle and thread
1 black compression top

1. Combine 230 people and all ingredients, and place in a pressure cooker of a race until they weaken, crack, and crumble. Remove those and continue the process with the remainder.

2. Marinate in pond water, tenderize feet, and glaze eyes.

3. Grind and pare away the shells until only the core remains.

4. Roll in grass and vomit for a finish.

Serve with a replica human skull and a smile of victory.

Calories: all you can eat, unless you neglected to bring enough with you the first 24 hours.


Lisa at 24? hours. The pack holds a 60# bag of cement to be brought to the top of Joe’s Mountain. Photo by Emily Ware.


About ithelisa

ultrarunner, rock climbe, back country skier, NYC Endurance running coach, architect.
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2 Responses to Spartan Death Race 2012 – Part 1: Recipe for Betrayal

  1. Emily Ware says:

    AWESOME!!! (and thank you for the photo credit, some people neglect that type of thing 🙂 ). AND: THAT PIC OF YOU IS AT 45 or so hours, ’cause my kiddo and I left a couple hours later. And you’re still rockin’ it 🙂 Next race: I propose we have a bevvy since we didn’t get to at this one 🙂

  2. ithelisa says:

    Oh now I remember, this was SUNDAY around 2:30pm LOL!

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